DataClassroom Introduction

Video produced to introduce teachers to Data Classroom, a statistics web app for students.

Wildfires and Wildflowers

Highlighting how the changing environment of Southern California is responding to increasing wildflowers.


Production involved working with National Park Service biologists at the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. 

DNA in Space

Produced by Alex Dainis, with additional videography support. Required coordination with multiple NASA locations, animation, and getting to do science with an astronaut!

This video was created with support from Google's Making & Science team.  

Hume Center Recruitment Video

Produced for Stanford's Hume Center for Writing and Speaking. Modeled after Vogue's 73 Questions videos, it was designed to be a fun and friendly way to introduce students to the job of being a Hume Center tutor.

Interview Series for Genes in Space

This video is one of six interviews with pioneering astrobiologists for Genes in Space intended to inspire students to ask their own questions about space biology.

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